San Francisco, CA

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We are excited to announce we will be speaking at the 2nd annual Transformative Technology Conference in Palo Alto, California.

Here is my blurb:

Ultrasound Beyond the Lab: What’s Possible When You Combine Wellbeing and Vibration with Sterling Cooley from Berkeley UltrasoundHow does ultrasound treatment for clinical depression work? What are the challenges in translating this cutting edge application into a treatment for those suffering from depression? Sterling Cooley will lay out the challenges and process to bring ultrasound (and any highly technical medical innovation) to the world. He and his team are prototyping the next generation of brain stimulation technologies. Utilizing transcranial ultrasound, the team hopes to make a ...

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It seems these days it is getting harder and harder for researchers to get the funding they need. Entire departments dealing with Psychology and Human Research are full of highly trained individuals. However, without funding, their futures are unsure. The solution might exist in working in advancements of technology that can truly qualify for providing “intellectual merit.”

Intellectual merit, a common phrase for those familiar with NIH/NSF grant writing, refers to the nature of a grant, in that it must provide an advancement in the field of work, as well as provide a societal benefit. This can be a tall order in some University settings, when access to the latest and greatest equipment can be prohibitively expensive. That gr...

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